The BOSS Team


Alot of very successful Supernova search programs work as individuals. But I have found in my case that working with a group works well for a number of reasons. Most of all it is fun to work together and helping with discoveries. A great advantage it that we have access to a large amount of telescopes to help with conformation images. So If I am clouded out one of the other members might have clear skies. Also a great advantage is it speeds up the reporting process which is key in our type of work. The main thing we wanted to achieve is to get as accurate measurements as possible so we can get a good reputation for what we do from the professional Astronomers who study these events after we have discovered them.  

After getting to know Peter,Greg,Colin and we had a few discoveries under our belts Peter and I were talking and decided to make it more formal as there is alot of background work done by the members with reporting, conformation images and other background check etc.

Peter had already named his search programme B.O.S.S-Backyard Observers Supernova Search even though we all would have our own search programs we decided when it comes time to report a discovery the discoverer would get their name first followed by the BOSS banner to help show the contribution done by others in the group. This works great and makes it lot more fun for all. Here is a Picture of the group taken when we all got together for the first time in Dec 2009 for our first meeting.

We also work with others that Search for Supernovae.

Group Members to Date:

From the Left-Me(20 discoveries), Greg Bock(reporting and 1 discovery), Peter Marples(3 discoveries),Brendan Downs        (2 discoveries), Colin Drescher (The reporting Wiz).


Peter Marples

 Peter uses  a 12inch LX200R (ACF) on a Pegasus Pier with an Optec F7 reducer. Starlight Xpress SXVH9 Monochrome camera. Sky6 &X Pro using CCD Soft & Orchestrate.


Greg Bock


Greg uses a Meade 14 inch scope on a Gemini G11 mount with a Sbig ST10 camera with filter Wheel



Brendan Downs


Brendan uses a 14inch Meade ACF on a Paramount ME with a ST-7 CCD.


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Pat Pearl


 Pat uses a 10inch Meade LX200R on a protable trailer with a Starlight Xpress SXV-M7.